Monday, June 7, 2010

Ashley Greene “Alice” Pic from Twilight Eclipse

Today’s Twilight Saga update comes in the form of a somewhat unusual photograph of Ashley Greene as her character Alice Cullen. David Slade, the British director of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is the author of the photo, which he took during the pre-production process. Slade shared the image with fans via his TwitPic page. The black and white portrait is stunning. Dare I draw comparisons between Greene and her idol Audrey Hepburn?

Greene’s popularity has got her slowly branching out from Twilight into other projects. Her movie Warrior is in post-production and should come out this year. In it she shares the screen with her Twilight co-start Kellan Lutz. We also recently brought the news that Greene will join the cast of Scream 4.

Like the Harry Potter films, each Twilight Saga movie has been graced with a different director. Catherine Hardwicke was behind the camera for Twilight, Chris Weitz directed New Moon, David Slade is bringing us Eclipse, and Bill Condon is set to work on Breaking Dawn, which may or may not be split into two films.

The clock is ticking as the June 30 release date for Twilight Saga: Eclipse approaches. Until then, be sure to check out the latest television spot promoting the film. You can also feast your eyes on all six character posters for the film, like this one, starring Kristen Stewart’s Bella. If you choose to pre-order your Eclipse tickets, consider making the night a total Twilight Experience thanks to AMC Theaters.



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