Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 things to look forward to with just 30 days until 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

It's hard to believe, but one of the summer's biggest movies is only 30 days away from opening. No, it's not "Inception," that's in July. And, no, it's not "Toy Story 3," that hits theaters in less than three weeks. Nope, it's the third installment of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and unlike a few other franchises this summer, this is one flick that won't underperform. It doesn't hurt there is a growing fanbase that is salivating at the prospect of watching the most action packed of Stephenie Meyer's novels hit the big screen (not to mention IMAX screen) and the fact the next "Twilight" film won't hit theaters until November 2011. And the closer it gets to opening, the more the media (HitFix included) will focus on the "Eclipse" that will occur over the July 4th weekend.

With that in mind, the collective staff at HitFix have come up with 30 things you can look forward to over the next 30 days leading up to the thriller's release. With a sly wink of course, because the best thing about "Twilight" fans is that they have a sense of humor about themselves (unlike some Muggles we know...).

30. In a desperate hunt for ratings, CNN's Anderson Cooper devotes an hour to "Eclipse" coverage.

29. Several teenage girls will rush out to see director David Slade's earlier movies and be very disturbed by "Hard Candy" and "30 Days of Night."

28. The five fans who saw "The Runaways" will watch the Dakota/Kristen scenes in "Eclipse" with a completely new subtext.

27. Duh, MTV viewers picking "New Moon" over "Avatar" for best picture at the MTV Movie Awards.

26. Just like with "New Moon's" Chris Weitz, fans and the stars all of a sudden fall in love with David Slade if and when they love the movie (and yes, it's too late for him to direct "Breaking Dawn").

25. The semi-annual scuttlebutt about Taylor Lautner's workout regime returns. Our guess? P90-X.

24. One of the secondary actors confirms "Breaking Dawn" will be two films before the studio has a chance to announce it (place your bets who messes up).

23. The massive premiere will feature more guest celebrities not associated with the franchise then you'd ever expect. And we're not talking the Kardashians, we mean real stars: Snooki and The Situation.

22. A deluge of articles in the media about the one movie that's going to disappoint at the box office over the July 4th weekend (and no, it's not "Eclipse"). "Knight and Day" or "The Last Airbender"? Who loses?

21. With the return of the HBO series on June 13, the never-ending "True Blood" vs. "Twilight" debate will stir up once again.

20. People showing up at the theaters the first week in Team Rachelle shirts and then the same people showing up a week later with Team Bryce shirts.

19. Jumping on the bandwagon, ESPN will interview Robert Pattinson and quickly discover he knows little about baseball - American or Vampire.

18. Lakers forward (and possible NBA champ) Ron Artest will crash the premiere across from Staples Center. Why? Well, you obviously don't know Ron...

17. The struggle to see if Anna Kendrick has any more screentime now that she's "Oscar Nominee" Anna Kendrick (or if she'll show at the premiere at all).

16. Soundtrack artist Metric has their biggest U.S. hit ever with "Eclipse (all yours)." (Well, at least on iTunes).

15. The inevitable lamentations that the ever-creepy Dakota Fanning isn't in the movie more. Just wait for "Breaking Dawn," kids.

14. Staples Center patrons wondering where all the screaming is coming from during Laker playoff games the weekend of June. 11-13 (it's not from inside the arena, it's from the Twilight Convention across the street at the LA Convention Center).

13. Despite a massive publicity push, even "Twilight" fans won't know who Xavier Daniels is [whoops - because his name is Xavier Samuels - and they still won't know.]

12. A scene with Taylor Lautner shirtless will debut on the MTV Movie Awards. Cue: girls screaming.

11. In a stunner to non-"Twilight" fans, "Eclipse" will get better reviews than "Robin Hood," "Iron Man 2," "Shrek Forever After," "Prince of Persia" and, of course, "Sex and the City 2."

10. A 13-year-old girl will freak out at her mother because mom forgot to buy tickets early for opening day and now the movie is sold out...in St. Louis.

9. Lots and lots of questions about "Breaking Dawn." Like, lots.

8. Lots and lots of questions about whether "Breaking Dawn" will be in 3-D.

7. Lots and lots of questions about how "Breaking Dawn" will avoid being R-rated.

6. IMAX will figure out some way to keep "Dawn" on their screens past the two-week "special engagement." Cha-ching.

5. Three Entertainment Weekly covers before opening. Wait, how silly of us, there's more than enough time for four.

4. Endless analysis on how the San Diego economy will be affected by the "Twilight" cast taking this Comic-Con off.

3. President Obama is dragged to the local theater with Secret Service in tow because 13-year-old Malia is obsessed.

2. If you see it on opening day: lots of high-pitched screaming.

1. Only 506 days until "Breaking Dawn."


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