Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spiler: Ashley Greene Reveals Twilight Fans 'Will Not Be Disappointed' By Eclipse.

And now Ashley Greene has upped the anti by revealing that Twilight fans won't 'be disappointed' by it. In fact she used the word 'incredible' over and over again!

Ashley, who plays Alice Cullen told MTV US that she recently got to see some footage from the movie.

"I got to see a lot of footage from it and it looks really amazing. The werewolves just look incredible in this one,"
Better than New Moon Ash?
"They looked good in the last one, but of course we're always trying to outdo ourselves, and so they look really incredible."
"Then, the whole fight sequence that I've seen really looks amazing.We worked our tails off for it."
And what was Ashley's favourite bit in the film?
"I definitely think there is one scene in particular between Jackson Rathbone's character Jasper and my character Alice that I think everyone is going to like."
The film comes to cinemas on June 30 and with Ashley saying: "I don't think anyone will be disappointed” we will try hard to contain our excitement!


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