Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart talks kissing Taylor Lautner in Eclipse

Because The Twlight Saga: Eclipse is coming soon, with its premiere set for June 24 in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart talks candidly about her part as Bella Swan.

The Kristen Stewart interview ran in Entertainment Weekly, in which the Twilight talked about the subtleties of change in her character from movie to movie in The Twilight Saga films.

Stewart said to EW regarding the upcoming Eclipse:

'I wasn't as tortured as I was on New Moon."Bella really knows what she wants in Eclipse. She's not just a dumb kid talking because she's in love.'

She told the entertainment publication how strange she felt kissing her friend, Taylor Lautner, as she played Bella.

Stewart told EW:

'It was a really strange experience, as it should have been.'

Seeing this strange experience will make it clear what Kristen Stewart is talking about. Meanwhile, we have a little time to wait for Eclipse to come out on in the theaters across the country on June 30.

Are you looking forward to the experience? I sure am. I guess you can call me a converted Twi-hard, as it took this long to get me jazzed about the Saga, a series of films (and great books) so many others were jazzed about for a long, long time.


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