Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eclipse Darker? Breaking Dawn on Hold? Suits Speak!

We recently chatted with producer Bill Bannerman and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about what fans can expect for Eclipse—the third film in The Twilight Saga, due next summer. Many reports have called it much darker, with new director David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night), so we asked if the PG-13 audience would still be able to hang.

Plus, we've got more updates for you on the fate of Breaking Dawn...

First up, Eclipse.

"It is a little edgier, only because there's more action in book three," Twilight and N.M. producer Bannerman tells us. "We have the advance of the newborn army, and our Cullens have to defend themselves, and the wolves become allies. That doesn't happen in New Moon, yet."

Don't worry, tho, Rosenberg said she kept the third script very true to the book.

"[The movie] expands on [the book] in some ways—in a movie we can go away from Bella's point of view. So we can go see what Victoria's up to. In some ways we get to see more than what the book can show."

As for whether Slade changed the tone at all? Melissa adds: "The book is darker, so I think the story is darker. David is the perfect director to bring that to life. He has such a great, intense sensibility. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does."

Now onto what most of us are drooling to hear about: Breaking Dawn.

"I think the fans will define the fate of the franchise," Bannerman dishes. "There is no script yet, and if Melissa is working on one, I don't know about it. She's the one that would be first point of contact. I think everyone wants to see it happen, if the momentum gains I don't know why it wouldn't [happen]."

As for whether that would be one final movie or two: "I don't know. The book can either be simplified or stay intact. It's a longer book than the previous three; it's hard to tell what they'll do. I'm looking forward to the surprise!"

B.D. most definitely will happen, we can assure you. Plus, we know that Rosenberg is already signed on to pen the screenplay for the "Breaking Dawn films," as insiders refer to them.

Most likely, the holdup is Rob, Kristen and newly important Taylor. If they are up to making two more movies, the studio won't miss out on the opportunity to cash in double-time, trust. But from what we're hearing, they have so far only agreed to one more after Eclipse.

Also, insiders tell us how well New Moon does in theaters will influence how many more Twilight films Summit will squeeze out. Money talks, ya know? Even to tired and overpromoted actors.

The second-class Twi kids are eagerly awaiting a decision, too.

"I haven't received any word from Summit about the fourth film or what's going on with Breaking Dawn," Jackson Rathbone told Team Awful. "As soon as I know, I'll tell everybody!"

"I don't know anything about Breaking Dawn," Michael Welch also added. "I assume it will be made. I did hear a rumor it might be made into two films."

So what do you think, Twi fans, is this good news, or are you ready to set Robsten free?


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  1. Twilight Saga breaking Dawn would not be the same without the ORIGINAL cast. My daughters who are 13 and 11 will be devistated and sadly so would I. Im PRAYING Stephanie Meyer writes another after Breaking Dawn. Renesme's life continues along with jacobs and that is something Im SURE the world would LOVE to read.