Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taylor Lautner Focused on Eclipse

Taylor Lautner

Twilight star Taylor Lautner says he isn’t sure about how he’ll tackle the tricky developments in his character’s life that happen in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn.

The actor — who is currently in Vancouver, Canada, shooting the third Twi movie Eclipse — plays Jacob Black in the films based on the books by author Stephenie Meyer.

“I’m sure it would be different,” Taylor said. “It was definitely a surprise for me when I read the book.

“But we’re just trying to take it one movie at a time, and nothing’s been confirmed yet on the fourth, so we’re just staying focused on Eclipse at the moment.”

Taylor — who goes shirtless in several scenes in Twilight sequel New Moon, due out in November — recently revealed that he finds it “weird” when his family sees the topless pics taken to promote the upcoming films.

“It’s embarrassing for me,” he said. “And I’m sure it’s awkward for all of them. I’m hoping that [I don't get teased by my family] because I’ll start blushing.”


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