Friday, October 23, 2009

Jared Biography

Guess what? Another bio for today! lol Let's know more about Jared's Biography!

Name: Jared

Type: Human/Werewolf

Special Ability: None unique only to Jared except those abilities that are common to werewolves: telepathy with his pack, delayed aging, advanced healing, senses, endurance, durability & strength.

About Them: Jared is a member of Jacob's werewolf pack. He was the next werewolf to phase after the pack's physical leader, Sam Uley. Of only five werewolves know to the Twilight readers the imprint, Jared is one of them. After first phasing he imprinted on Kim, a girl he sat next to in one of his classes. Kim before the imprinting had already had a massive crush on Jared and before he was a werewolf he never paid any attention to her. After his transformation, he took one look at Kim and he had imprinted. As a werewolf Jared has brown hair, is gigantic, and is one of the swiftest werewolves. Jared was a part of the battle with Victoria's army of young vampires but was not seriously hurt. It was Jared that had the task of trying to convice Jacob, Seth, and Leah to come back into Sam's pack after Jacob left in Breaking Dawn when Sam ordered an attack on the Cullen family.


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