Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who Will Join Robert Pattinson in Eclipse?

The Eclipse is coming

You all just saw the trailer for the next installment in the Twilight saga, New Moon. So is it too early to start talking about the third movie, Eclipse? We don't think so. And we want to know who will be joining Robert Pattinson to star in it.

Wait, you mean there are going to be more actors and actresses for us to be crazy obsessed with? One thing that's for sure is that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will remain a member of the Twilight cast. Phew. But there are still a few roles that need to be filled for Eclipse and we can't wait to find out who is chosen!

The three major roles that need to be filled starting with brother and sister werewolves Seth and Leah Clearwater. These characters live in La Push like fellow werewolf Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner. We hear that the production is looking for First Nations actors to fill both roles.

The third role to be filled is Riley, a clean-cut, blonde college boy who falls for Victoria.

Sounds like we are all in for at least another crush. Seth's character in the book is absolutely adorable and we are sure we will love him. As for Riley, we are also sure they will cast someone extra hot. Rumor had is that Channing Tatum was up for the role. Interesting. We'll definitely keep you posted!

Eclipse is set to start filming at the end of the summer so we are hoping to have news on the cast soon!

So, more Twilight hunks to compete with Robert Pattinson. Do you think they could cast someone even hotter than him? Take a look at our favorite Robert P pics and then decide.


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